How do I get over a breakup?

So if you couldn't tell by the title me and my boyfriend broke up and im still attached to him. How do I get over him?


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  • You're going to be depressed for a long time. Take my advice.. stop dating until you are at least 18. Preferably in your 20's. Why should you stop dating? Because you will get your heart stomped on over and over and over and over and over again. It takes men quite a while to figure out that the things they do hurts, and men have a natural instinct to try on as many women as they possibly can especially when they have just reached sexual maturity. You can save yourself some grief or you can feel this awful feeling repeatedly.

    • Okay thank you so much I think im probably to young to start dating what do u think?

    • Truth? You are. What you can do for yourself now is focus on your studies and focus on practicing self care and working on self esteem. I cannot stress how much it will fuck you up long term to have your heart broken so many times. Save yourself the pain and save that spare time you have to have fun. Be a kid. You can date when you're older, and preferably date someone who has been a good, kind, honest, supportive friend for at least 1 year. You want to date your best friend, not the cute guy who's just hanging right now.

  • You can't just shut off your feelings for someone. So it's not a case of getting over it, it's a case of getting through it. The only way to let go and move on is to remove all traces of the person from your life by cutting all means of contact , and deleting messages and pics or anything that reminds you of him. Remove him from all social media

    Keep active and your mind focused on things other than him. People tend to keep their pain raw by reminiscing about what was, and dwelling on what could have been. Gradually the memories fade, and the pain eases. Hearts do heal and they do love again, but only if you allow yourself to move on

  • Chocolate helps and exercise


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