How to get over someone that just didn't even bother give you any explination on why things ended?

So i was dating this army guy during the summer and he was really into me. He added me on facebook cause we had friends in commun and it kinda all started from there. At first he was the one chasing me and i was more the resiliant one. But then the more we started talking the more i kinda liked him. We went on a few dates before he got sent off 3hours away from my city for the whole summer because he had contract with the army. A long distance relationship started from there. Im not the type if person who believes that long distance relationship work, but i was willing to try it out just because i knew he was coming back after 2 months and because i really liked him. So obviously promises were made from his end, and he even told me that he loved me... yep... and i was head over heels for this guy. But then when the contract ended he came back and his attitude kinda changed. He wasn't answering his text and didn't even make an effort to see me. I tried reaching out to him but he was always saying that he was tired and wtv. So i felt bad i didn't want to pressure him or anything. But then , a tragic death happened to my best friend's brother and i was in choc. And guess what? Still no sign of this guy. At this point i just ended things with him and it felt like i got played and stabbed in the heart. His answer to all of this? I still dont know what happened or why he changed like that. He kept saying that he disnt know and that he had too many things on his mind. But whats that suppose to mean? After a week of silence... he asked me if i could ever take him back somewhere near the future (not tomorrow , not in a month but someday) and I said no because i won't ever trust him again. He then replied : even if i make the effort of ganing ur trust back? And that i want to invest in u? Like WTF? WHY? Anyways... Its Been almost 2 months that we haven't spoken and since then i feel broken inside and dont know if i could ever trust someone else. How can't i get pass that?


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What Guys Said 1

  • It's been 2 months! You're really going to let one guy change your outlook on other guys?

    • Well that's what happens when someone plays u...

    • I think not.. I've been played before, actually a couple times. I didn't let those bitches change my outlook on anything, that would just be giving the player the win..

What Girls Said 1

  • This guy i was dating " went on vacation " and came back with an other girlfriend also so he was dating me and the other slut at the same time the other girl told me that he dumped me and two months later he tried to Friend me in Facebook again


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