Does this mean that my ex is mad?

My ex and I was texting and I asked her did she love me when we was together she said she don't know what love is anymore and then I told her from my point of view it got late so the next day I see her at school and by my class room in the hall way so I say hey and asked for a hug she gave me one then I walked her half-way to her class then I went to mine the bell rung for the next period and as I walked out my class I see her and she was just looking at me then said why I tell that girl we had sex and I was shocked she caught me off guard with the question and I ask when she said it don't matter when and then I asked who and she said they told her not to tell me. Then she walked off and I followed and said come hear she said no so I said forget it I went the whole day with it on my mind so I text her that night how you doing she replied good then I sent 2 other messages she didn't text back. So if she was mad why she texted me back? that she's good?


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  • did you ACTUALLY tell that girl you had sex? because if you didn't then she's trying to get you two to get angry so see can move in with u. call me crazy but girls can be real bitchy. If you did tell a girl or multiple girls about it then you need to track them down and get p*ssed off. Then you seriously need to apologise, because I can tell you that she is feeling really betrayed. GOOD LUCK HON xxx

    • Lol nawl I didnt?! honestly..

      And what do you mean by she tryna get me angry so she can move in with me?But Oh yea I'm p*ssed so p*ssed I haven't spoke to my ex called or texted her in 8 or 9 days..

    • What I mean is that she wants you two to be over... so shecan become your girlfriend... anyway ignoring her will just get her even more angry

  • haha, you just got girl-played! it's what we do. we say someone told us something, so that you'll fess up to stupid things. the one way you know we're just fishing for you to confess is saying "someone told me ..." and when you say "who?" we say either "she told me not to tell you", "i don't wanna start drama", or "it doesn't matter" don't worry about it. just keep saying you didn't do it, no matter how many times she says people tell her things. they never ever do.

    • Dang I like that and that's the type of chick she iz I'm not gone lie you hit on the bullseye..because the other day she spoke to my mom and this girl said she was staring at me when I passed by her this is after this issue happen so I'm thinkin she took me on a wild goose chase so should I text her or call because I been not keepin any contact with her because I was so mad about it I ain't spoke to her in 9 days but should even though she girl played me?

    • Don't talk to her, it drives us CRAZY! we literally go insane to the point we HAVE to text you first to find out what the f*ck is up. don't text her first, she'll come around to you. if she comes around, try again, if not, don't worry about her, she wasn't worth it. "if you love something let it go. if it comes back it's yours. if it doesn't, it never was." <3

    • I had talked to her she was over the person that told her was some jealous girl that don't like her or me but try to rat to my ex lies to get us not liking each other but a lot of people was jealous of are relationship but yea it's cool thanks for the Advice..

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