Ex contacted me after 2 months of no contact. Should I just ignore?

Ex contacted me saying "how are you?"

Should I just ignore? He ignored before when he contacted 2 months ago and said he was doing therapy due to his addiction. I asked something about the therapy and he ignored me completely.
Now he asked me how I was.

I don't want to suffer anymore. If I ignore, will I look hurt and mean?


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What Guys Said 1

  • If you don't want anything to do with him and do not want anymore hurt then ignoring his message is reasonable and not it won't make you look hurt or mean. If you want to say anything you can just tell him your are done and have moved on

    • Why do you think he texted me that?
      :( I don't want to think too much but I can't help but overthink

    • I have no idea, maybe you crossed his mind or he is doing better thank to therapy or some other reason?

What Girls Said 2

  • I think you should ignored him my ex new girlfriend told me he wanted ti go dump me and then he tried to friend me on Facebook again if you don't want to be hurt ignore

  • I would.


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