WHY is he contacting me?

So my ex boyfriend, was like I'm leaving cities and not coming back. I took that as break up talk, but he then said 'I still want to marry you'. He then said 'I want to make love to you.' I told him 'You can't because I'm too far' He then was like 'Do you wanna have sex with other people too' I told him to do what he wants, then he said 'he won't as it will make me upset' He tells mere misses me but I don't believe that as the communication between us is bad. Then contacted me 1 month later twice, was like to me 'How are you, how's life been', Last week Saturday he was like 'Your snapchats nice & I told him I was coming to his city he then said I would like to see you. He then said he would contact me nearer the time, I've been in his city all week and he hasn't contacted me. I take that as lack of interest. My question is why is he playing with my emotions & talking to me & when he sees footage of me or Instagram posts. What's up with that?


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  • He sounds like he's watched far too many RomComs. He's self-absorbed and expects you to flit about when he wants and sit and wait while he's gone. Tell him to knock it off. Cut him off if you have to. It's selfish


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