How should I act when I see my ex?

We ended on bad terms (his fault, not mine). And I haven't seen him around campus ever since. But this club that I'm in is going to an event this Friday and he's going with his club which means I'll be seeing him for the first time in ages.

I see his friends all the time and they always come up to me and give me hugs and stuff. My friends hate him for what he did. He pulled a d*** move, but I got over it. It's just that he has a girlfriend and I don't know if she'll be there, but that'll be pretty awkward.

What should I do when I see him? Flash a smile? Go say hi? See if he says hi first? We used to be best friends. I don't want to pretend I don't know him...


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  • you used to be best friends...awesome, most bf/gfs are best friends and can eventually tell each other should go up to him and be cool with it, be ok that he has a him you respect his decision, this in turn will show that youve "moved on" weather you have or not and that you're mature and respectful enou8gh to accept the life that he's currently living...remember you two probably had amazing memories together so try not to ruin them any further...

    my ex and I had a bad break up and we got really close again after the break up then well I'm back to being on bad terms again...people get really confused and mixed up with emotions, try to not let ur heart do all the talking, try to think before you speak or do anything...i wouldn't necessarily go out of your way to say hello but if you pass or get near him say heyyy what's uppp or something where you don't seem bewindled by his presence (that will show weakness)...just be yourself, go and do your own thing...hell even flirt with other guys while he's around...dont be a jerk or a bitch - its easy to do that - just show you are mature and classy...hope this helps


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