What do you do to get over a break up?

I didn't go through one I was just curious to hear the perspective of a guy. All the answers will be different since we're human & act differently. For a girl I would kind of know she I am a chick πŸ˜‚ Just curious to see how similar or different it is from a guy to a girl. Girls can answer too, ya girl could take the advice some day. 😁


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  • Easiest thing is to ask out another girl that you totally aren't interested in and treat her like you think she's the most amazing thing in the world. By concentrating on giving, you take yourself out of the self-pity state. Since you have no interest in this girl, you don't risk falling into a rebound situation. It's the perfect elixir!

    • Ehhhh she sounds like a rebound though 😐 Lowkey fucked up tbh but if that's what you do, you do you fam

  • Go after another girl, party, hang w family. I don't really have a hard time getting over an ex. I guess cause as a child I was always told to forget my feelings, especially crying. Never really think about them unless it's something sexual.


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