Why does he keep trying?

My ex and I were on and off while we dated for a couple of months until I got tired of his BS and started to phase him out. But he kept trying to be friends and such.

He's kissed me a couple of times. The first time I let it go because we were both drunk. The next time after that, we were just hanging out and talking about dating and our past history. And he kissed me out of the blue.

I flipped out about it both times and he apologized. Then he told me at a friend's party that he wasn't sure what he wanted. And kissed me again after I said it wasn't a good idea.

Why does he keep doing that? He was the one who wanted us to stay friends when I wanted him out of my life. Please don't say sex because we've never had sex. And we only dated for a couple of months. He even had another girlfriend after me. So why does he keep doing this? Why can't he just stick to being friends?


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  • He doesn't want to be away from you.


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