Should I disappear completly from social media?

Long story short, break up, lots of pain, I deleted their phone number, no longer trying to make direct contact by phone or e-mail.

But as long as I have a facebook or a twitter, my ex (es) can check on me anytime, which they do, my privacy is set to max on both, so they can't see anything I post, but the idea that they can view my general profile is annoying, When I update my profile pic or cover I spend a lot of time thinking about what they might think of it.

But I also don't want to disappear from the online world (although it seems like a good idea because of how much time they take away from one's day) or set up new accounts with other names.

What do I do? is it better to just disappear completely and not give them the satisfaction of being able to view my profile?

PS: I've been very disciplined for some time now not to check on them either.


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  • I did that in the past and it worked for me.

    • Was it permanent or temporary?

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    • Sounds good, I did deactivate facebook a week ago, brings you back to real life, I am thinking about doing the same for twitter

    • I did the same. 2.5+ years without a FB, never had Twitter, No instagram, nothing. I love it.

What Guys Said 2

  • I do that myself for weeks at a time and the break is very refreshing. It helps a lot, it's like rebooting your mind and spirit in a way to unplug

  • Change your Name

    • I would but unfortunately they can still find me using profile links and search and google search as it doesn't update at the same time, I tried making a new profile with a different name but that didn't work either

    • I'm very private with my info and still have Fb. Cancel your account for three months but not before removing all tags, likes and personal photos. In 3 months Change the info, blocked her and remove mutual friends.

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