Confusing ex. Help? :( ?

Split from my ex 10 months ago. Mutual decision but was probably more him.

since then he has text and called me numerous times. Usually when he gets drunk he gets emotional (like a little b*tch) and says he misses me.

I'm super confused because he is seeing a girl now yet he says his year went downhill since we split.

I still ill deep deep down have some feelings for him albeit not like what I used to have, obviously.

im just not sure what to do and why we are reminiscing on good times. He keeps sending me things and funny videos saying they remind him of me.

so confused and upset all over again.


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  • He's only wanting a fuck now and then. Why are you communicating with him?


What Girls Said 1

  • He's is n ex for a reason. Even if you give him another chance most probably it will break again. Some people just don't change.
    You need to block him and stop responding him so that you can get over it and move on.
    I know it's hard but IT WILL TAKE TIME and ONLY TIME WILL TELL.
    Stay strong and good luck !


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