Is my ex playing games?

My and my ex brokeup about a month ago she wanted to stay friends the day she was going to break up with me a day after she got back from holiday we was arguing a lot, her reasons were she said the spark was gone, she just wants to be single and she doesn't know what she wants, we both agreed for her to have more time till the next Saturday I went round on the Tuesday as I knew her mind was made up and ended it with her giving her birthday presents and she said thank you on her birthday I messaged her for a short period after saying I'm not okay to be friends yet this wasn't to long after the breakup then about a week agor over a month and a month had past sent her a message saying I'm okay to be friends (to stay civil) she saw it but nonly response and she was the 1 saying to me she wanted to stay friends twice as we was good friends before we got together, I don't understand it
Is my ex playing games?
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