I always lose him to drugs, will he regret it in the future?

I dated a guy 3 years ago. I left him because I was in college and wanted to focus. He got high all of the time, he had no life goals or motivation. He said he wanted to be a rapper but never tried. He came back 7 months later apologising for how he was and he's trying to get his life on track. I boosted his self confidence and helped him to believe in himself so that he could pursue being a rapper. It worked and he started trying. He thanked me every day, he wasn't high so often now, he wasn't doing so many drugs. But I was still angry how we ended last time and my bitterness showed through and we failed.

A year and a half later he came back, we had both been in long term relationships since. I had been with my best friend and was hurting, he had been with a girl who deals cocaine on street corners. He was depressed, he couldn't fall asleep without being high, he would smoke the second he woke up, he was high most of the day, he couldn't go on a night out without snorting coke, he was getting wasted every weekend, me influencing him years ago had made him pursue his dreams but he uses his shows as an excuse to get drunk and do drugs. He apologised for everything, that I was the best thing to happen to him, that he's sorry, because of me he's chasing dreams and he doesn't want to be high all the time.

For a couple of months it was perfect. Perfect chemistry, he didn't smoke any more, he was off of drugs, I didn't tell him to, I accepted that he did drugs but he felt happy being sober. Then he fell back into his friend group of people who got drunk all the time, trying all drugs, he was high constantly. He cut me off out of nowhere when it was going perfectly. He's now hanging out with a girl who gets drunk and does drugs all the time and has a bad reputation in town for sleeping with anybody.

The guy who wanted to change his life has gone again. He doesn't care again. Will he regret his actions and treating me bad one day?
I always lose him to drugs, will he regret it in the future?
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