How to get through a breakup?

I had to break up with my boyfriend cause things were really complicated. His parents never wanted us to date, and they found out.
It hurts so much right now. I've been crying basically all day.
What do I do? I have moments where I lie and say I'm fine but the truth is I'm not.
How do I get through this?
Please I'm 15 I don't know how to handle this


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  • If you need to cry, let it out. You'll feel better. Sometimes, writing down how you feel clears your mind of those sad thoughts. Then, when you think you're done with being sad, find new hobbies or continue your old hobbies. You'll get through this, have faith in yourself.


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  • I'm sorry that this happened, I know exactly how you feel. My best suggestion is that you relax, watch some comedies or action movies. Nothing sappy or romantic. Eat a bowl of ice cream or talk on the phone with a best friend. Read a book or take a hot bath. Just remain calm. Crying is okay, and it is nice to cry once in a while, but in truth it doesn't make things go away. Just do things to distract yourself. You're 15, you're young. Maybe you and him will rekindle later on or you'll find someone else, but don't let it tear you down. Best of luck. ☺️


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  • *Hugs*
    It is ok. Don't cry. Know it is hard.

    • I know*

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    • Feel free to message if you need to.
      Remember it is ok, and things will. Get better. Good luck.

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