Should I tell him?

After 8 years, life brought us together again. we were high school sweethearts but it didn't work.

Fast forward, he broke up with his girlfriend of 3 years this past summer during the same time I also got out of a serious relationship

We spend a lot of time together now. and I feel like there's something going on between us.

Should I tell him that I'm starting to feel something for him again or should I just let it be and keep our friendship instead?

what do you think?

thank you in advance:)


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  • I actually don't think it matters because it sounds like things are going to happen between you two either way. That said, I think that rather than say something, you should do something. Touch him more often (like his hands, his arms, his back, etc.) If that doesn't start something then he's either really odd or he doesn't feel the same way.


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  • Go Slow with Joe and Nurse and Nurture Easily... Something Special that May or May not pan out.
    He has just Come out of a Relationship, so don't Shoot yourself in the Foot by saying anything right now.
    In time, you Both will Know when Everything would be Alright and Right.
    Good luck. xx


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  • just tell him. why beat around the bush? obviously y'all had something before so he probably already knows you well enough to know that you are thinking something. I'd say just tell him and then get on with building a new relationship with eachother

  • YES, tell him now!!! :)


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