My ex contacted me again and tried to rekindle a friendship. What can I make of that?

My ex contacted me yesterday after 2 months of silence, added me on facebook and tried to rekindle a friendship. We had a really bad breakup that fucked me up - but i was at a point where i had gathered myself together again. We ended up talking, and then we got to the part where she told me that she was seeing a guy she met before she moved 2 months ago, and told me that they were serious and she had feelings for him. And it struck me like lightning and i felt really bad. It hurt me to hear that she had found a new guy especially after she fucked me up. There wasn't even a speck of guilt or conscience in her. Should i be happy for her or not? because i will never be able to forgive her for what hell she put me through. Or should i admit that she came out as the victor of the breakup while i was the big loser?


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  • Sounds like she's got more tricks up her sleeve to fuck ya up, just a little bit more.
    I wouldn't even bother talking to her.
    Not if it's gonna lead to my feelings being hurt.
    So you need to decide.
    Is letting her back into your life, going to be a positive experience to you?

  • maybe she wants to make up


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