EX girlfriend She's driving me crazy?

Why is she so angry with me all the time? She tells me she hates me so much calls me alsorts is it cos she still loves me? We have a little girl together so I have to see her a lot. Everything is my fault all the time and she broke up with me! I just don't get it why is she like this? Is it so she can still hold on to me in some sort way? I know she has got her self another guy what she's doing with him I don't know (well I do) I don't know what to do I can't put up with this for years to come its only been 3 months as it is. I still love her which I wish I didn't but there you go we can't help who you love.

Any advice would be great thanks


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  • She is Holding a Huge Grudege about this Break up because Yes... She still Loves you to Death.
    Maybe it would be Best from the rest if you Took your Little One, hun, Out for these visits. Right now Somehow, Seeing your Face at her Place, is Making her More "Crazy" and I don't Trust that she just Might do Something she may End up Regretting.
    When someone who is Venting this Much and has this Much Hatred inside of her, Well... It doesn't many times End up a Pretty Picture.
    Good luck. xx

  • tell her how you feel

    • She knows how I feel

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    • quiet **

    • you'll be there** omg sorry haha

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