Anyone else have a break-up that really hurt them bad?

I've had break-ups before and yes they all hurt, but nothing like this. My girlfriend of a year broke up with me last week and I was deeply in love with her. I really thought she was the one. It feels like my best friend died. I've never remotely felt this much despair. Her reasoning for breaking up was that I was just not the one and she couldn't make pretend anymore because I was such a good guy and deserved someone who loved them wholeheartedly.
She said she loves me as a person, but is just not in love. She said that I was her best friend that she wished she was in love with (I didn't know best friends had sex and on the first date too. I got friendzoned by my own girlfriend wtf?). She said she was not ready for a relationship and should never have entered one, that it was all her fault. I just don't know how to move on from this when the person you've loved most tells you that it was all make-believe and tosses you aside like garbage once they got bored of everything you did for them (nice dates, good dinners, 2 vacations, it sickens me and I feel so used). I was honestly really good to her and for her so this was all such a shock, we were both so happy (at least that's what I though).
I'm just worried about my future relationships at this point. It feels like I'm always going to be questioning if the other person is actually in love with me after this experience.


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  • It hurt because ı was cheated on


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