A confused catfish?

This happened last year (2015). I made Tagged account using someone's else picture. I made it for fun & I just want to talk to random people. So I met a guy & we didn't talk much at first but after a week we became close. We exchanged phone numbers & we talked on the phone every night. After 3 months of talking & texting, he confessed saying he likes me & we became a couple. He has always been there for me especially during my weakest time. it made me loves him more. Until one day, he decided to meet me. He talked about it everyday & I can't stand lying to him so I asked him to stop talking to each other. I made excuses saying I'm bored / we just don't have anything to talk about but he keeps texting me. He wanted an explanation so I decided to tell him the truth. I told him everything (that I'm a catfish) & even showed him 'the real me'. He said he still loves & wants me but after that he treated me differently. Until at one point I realized that he doesn't 'love' me anymore so we stopped talking for months. I tried to move on and stop thinking about him but when I 'almost' get over him, he came back (2016). He whatsapp me yadayada and poof he's gone. And he did that for several times and he went missing for months, again. On Sept, he Whatsapp me again asking about my graduation day and I said, soon. And poof he went missing for 100th times. On 6th Sep, he wished me Happy Birthday. I was shocked because he still remembers my birthday but then as usual he went missing again. This month (Oct), he shared a link about AHS and I was like "hm?" then he replied "this reminds me of you, your fav show" and I said "ok". We texted for awhile and I slept late than usual just to talk to him. Am I an idiot? Since then, I always feel excited whenever my phone rings but it is obviously not from him. What makes me feel sad is the fact that how can he easily coming in and out of my life like nothing happens? Why did he do this to me? Does he miss me or just bored? Help me!
A confused catfish?
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