Should I stop talking to my ex boyfriend?

I always have to text him first. and I've asked him if he could text me first once in a while. but he never does. I know he likes talking to me, but I'm always initiating our conversations. so I think I need to stop talking to him.


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  • he is your EX boyfriend. I assume it ended for a reason. Don't talk to him anymore. You need to move on and find another guy.

    • my ex boyfriend wanted to become closer as friends.

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    • For your own sanity and well being I wouldn't text him anymore. I feel that the more you talk to him the harder it will be to get over your breakup. Seriously find a new guy and talk to him more. It'll be better for you.

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  • Until he gets a girlfriend.. you'll be pyscho stalker etc... the clue is u are textin him first... leave him alone...

    Harsh? Not as harsh as the names he will be callin u when he gets a girlfriend.. ull be the butt of their jokes.. ur better than that and u know it.. he's probably sitting there with his friends sayin oh look she's texting again.. gawd wish she'd take the hint.. while be a two faced rat being all nice to u--for now!

    Change ur number so ur not expectin a text message from him..

    • that doesn't make sense

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    • Until he Gets a new girlfriend.. and you won't be his friend anymore, then it will get abusive towards you..

      You aren't reading what I'm typing.. he only wants you as a friend temporarily.. Then eventually try hook up with u because ur still there...

      This is your cue to leave, change your number.. get to know yourself and give yourself the love you deserve. Be the best version of how and be the one that got away.

      Don't even contact him to tell him you aren't talking to him again just disappear from his life.. he will wonder about u in a good way.. keep it that way!

  • He's your ex boyfriend


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