Ex and I didn't get to break up on good terms? How do I cope?

I've already blocked him on social media and his phone number.
He broke up with me twice.
1st time because he had mixed feelings. It was bad terms at first but then we ended on good terms though. Then he came back apologizing.
2nd time because I became clingy. He said it was a mistake coming back to me. We ended on bad terms.

He didn't treat me right and I was insecure.
I feel horrible because he disrespected me to the point where I had no self respect and I begged him to stay. He ended up saying he didn't want me and told me to leave. I was so devastated and fragile that I told him if I commit suicide it's his fault. The only thing I feel guilty about is using that manipulative comment to make him feel bad. I wish I could apologize just for that and for being insecure but I know I need to leave him alone.

Do you ever contact your ex and try to be friends with them or say sorry it ended that way?
How can I cope with my situation please? Thank you...
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How do you just not say goodbye to someone and you just leave abruptly?


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  • Similar story happened with my ex. I blocked her on social media at first. Before blocking her, I told her I wanted no potential of being with her ever. We never had a last goodbye. I'm naturally a cold and distant person and she was extremely clingy. I defined her actions for the past year causing her to rebound with a guy she told me is in love with her but she wasn't physically attracted to him so she used him for companionship. Her nightmare, being all alone is happening right now and Im happy thinking about pursuing this girl I know who has a bit of a crush on me.

    • question... my ex blocked me as well, and before doing so he said "get out of my life. i love her and not you. get over me. im blocking you" and then three months later he unblocked me. what do you think it means?

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    • I don't need to be with that guy. It was making me go crazy

    • well what do you think it meant that he unblocked me after saying that?

Most Helpful Girl

  • Don't kill yourself he's not worth it, my boyfriend broke up with me and this was my first real relationship, I feel like Shit but ik things are going to get better. We can heal together girl


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  • No never stay friends with an ex. Am ex is an ex for a reason.

    Just live you life and try not to think about it too much. Dont be by yourself a lot. Be active and doing things with your friends. Keep your mind occupied. Trust me it's easier to get over someone when things ended badly than it is when things ended on good terms.

    • I just hate having bad blood is all...
      Makes me wonder if he ever thought about me too.
      whats bad about leaving on good terms?

    • Remember the bad blood so you don't go back to him.
      You can't hate the person. You still love and care for them. Bad anology but it's like sending off your own children on their own. can't be with them anynore.

  • Sometimes I do


What Girls Said 1

  • I have. Usually long after the relationship dust has settled. Got a text from an ex just yesterday and we had a nice chat.


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