My boyfriend of 2 years dumped me over text?

We're older, had a wonderful relationship and then this past Sunday we had afight about moving in together, i want to , he's not ready etc. We resolved it and im going to move nearby and see where we are in a yr. But on Sunday night kinda late, he text me saying its over because i asked to stay with him a few days whilw my apt is getting ready. Part of why he's not readyis because he doesn't want to support me and my 12 yr old on top of his own kid. He wouldn't be i make ok money. He was however going to help me with the deposit. And now im left wondering what happened. He left me via text, won't respond to anything, i admit i have blown up the phone because i want answers. The one thing he finally responded to was when i said i want my stuff.
I just want to know why this all went down. I love him , i love his son like my own, my daughter loves them. Even though we dont live together we were like a family. That very weekend was wonderful until that fight.
Can this relationship be saved? How can i fix thinfs with him?


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  • Hey there, I got dumped by my girlfriend last week too and I was deeply in love with her it wasn't expected since we were doing so well. I know what you're gling through and how utter shit you feel on the inside. Best advice I can give you (I've obsessed over my break up and have read soooo many articles and watched so many videos) is to let him go. For whatever reason he wanted to end it with you, he made a choice, he does not want you anymore. I know how much that hurts, but it's the truth. Stop contacting him (I blew up my ex's too) and try to move on with your life asap. Respect yourself enough to know that you deserve someone who really loves you and will be there for you. He did the dumping so chasing him is notngoing to do anything. He's the one that has to chase you to get you back. Go no contact and move on with your life. Try dating as soon as you can. Best of luck, let me know if you need some moral support :)


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  • Is it possible that you would get back together? Certainly. The question is whether that would be a good idea, and I think the answer is negative - breaking up over text would be appropriate if you guys were 14 or if you had gone on like one date.


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