How do I end a thing that I have with one girl who I don't really like, and go after another girl who I like, without being a fuckboy?

There is this girl that I hooked up with at my homecoming and she caught feelings, I didn't want to break her heart so now im stuck in a relationship where I really don't want to be right now. there's another girl who I really like but I can't go after her for obvious reasons. I want to leave her and go for the other girl but I dont want to seem like a fuckboy! Please help!


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  • Be as nice as possible man. I think it's admirable that you don't want to hurt her. That you don't want to just drop her like a bag of hammers. Be nice but be straight forward. You have to do this but be proud of yourself for doing it the right way. Have to go for what you want. That makes you a good guy not a fuck boy.

    • Thanks so much man, I just did this and I dont feel that bad at all.

    • Took my advice? Good man. Feel good you could have hurt her feelings and really fucked her up if you wanted to. Glad you didn't. She will heal faster also!

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  • Tell her straight up that you don't like her anymore if that is how you feel. End it, who cares what she thinks. The world is a rough place, and too much time is wasted being politically correct.

  • Did you already break up with her?

    • yeah

    • You dont seem like a fboy it just will hurt her a bit because she probably thought that you had feelings for her to. So go for the girl you like as long as your not with her for what's in her pants then you won't be like an fboy

    • Fboy is basically a boy is only with a girl for what's in her pants, once he gets it he moves on to the next girl and does the same thing that's what a fboy is

  • Whhhaaa?

    • I dont like this girl but she really likes me. And there's another girl who I really like.

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