Ex contacted me to say hi. How do I figure out what he wants?

Me and my ex bf were really serious. He ended things with me and it was really hard for me. We haven't talked in months and now he is contacting me to say hi. How can I tell if he is just trying to check in and see if I am still around, or if he sincerely wants to re-connect?


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  • Me and my ex boyfriend were together over 8 years...and one day because we weren't getting on very well decided to greak up with me over the phone! I was so heart broken and to this day have never ever experienced pain like it...he wouldn't talk to me or nothing...about 1 month later I find out he's with someone else which was unbearable. After 7 months of him not giving a sh*t and saying the most horrible, nasty things I finally see him out for the 1st time...my reaction was to completely ignore him and carried on...then after no contact from him whatsoever I go to work the following Monday to find I have an e-mail from him telling me lifes to short for bad feeling, then over the coming weeks he told me he still loved me and he wasn't happy in his relationship and the only person he could see a future was with me... I mean what would his girlfriend think...then I realised he was playing me for a fool and didn't know what he wanted so I ended it...the cheeky git told me 'he wanted time', I then seen the light and did the final e-mail and I haven't heard a thing from him since.

    I don't know what the hell he and your ex are trying to do, there's many things:

    1. Check to see if your interested

    2. Fallen out with new partner

    3. Wants to play both women

    Who knows, but I will tell you something and I really mean this from experience, ignore him, tell him to leave you alone because he will screw your head up again. When you finally think your getting somewhere he has the control to play with your emotions again...you have to put a stop to it for your own sake. I have met someone new now and there's no denying I do still think about my ex and sometimes do miss him but like you I was serious with him and really thought he was the one.

    He's still with the girl he met straight after me and do you know what I actually feel sorry for her cause she hasn't got a clue about the e-mails and the contents of those e-mails.

    He told me once he had dug himself a hole and he couldn't get out of it...poor women he's with. I think the only reason he got in touch with me was through guilt and I hope he's as miserable as sh*t the pain he out me through.

    Get out and stay out of his life otherwise you will never get over him.

    Find yourself a man who treats you the way you deserve x x your worth so much more x

    You will never forget your ex, but one day will realise it wasn't right and all this pain was to test you x x Good Luck


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