Boyfriend doesn't want to long distance suddenly?

My boyfriend and I dated for 2 years. From the beginning he was so sure about doing long distance when I leave for university, which is in another continent. I always had my doubts but he always asked me that are you really going to give up without even trying? And I did want to try. He means so much to me. By the end of 2 years I was so convinced long distance would work

And then suddenly, after talking to his family about long distance he just completely changed his mind.. and we met up and ended things mutually and still wanted to be friends. I never properly asked him what changed his mind and I just went along with things. I do believe its more fun to be single during college but, even after its been a month since a breakup I sort of regret not asking him more why it all suddenly changed.

He would always talk about a future with the both of us and then suddenly he changed his mind. He does have a point because he isn't even sure he will be coming to the same area as me so that around 4 years of being apart.
Boyfriend doesn't want to long distance suddenly?
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