My ex is acting out of control and making me question my self worth?

So recently my boyfriend &I broke up after being on a break cause he didn't have feelings for me. I had just found out last night that during our break (about 2 weeks) he hooked up w a girl. He claims the frustration I gave him made him do it. Last night one of his really good friends added me on snapchat (I know him)&was snap chatting me, but nothing. He has a girlfriend so if he tried anything I would tell her. Anyway, today the girlfriend discovered he was my #1 friend on snapchat (bc my ex who is usually #1 deleted me and the places changed)&it literally takes 2 snaps to get onto my friends list. So she saw that& starting flipping out&told my ex, then my ex's roommate &my ex kept facetiming me until I answered. Not kidding, I was being screamed at over the phone for adding his friend in the first place. He kept calling me a f*cking idiot, I'm psycho&I "took a low blow, even lower than him hooking up w some girl"&he had to add in "yeah we had some great shower sex"(I didn't know). calling me names& saying "wow I'm glad this is over". the girlfriend texted me saying that we "know the kind of person u are &she tried to help me get over the break up all night" (everything I told to her she showed to my ex). Stopped answering b/c I was crying, ex texted me saying "answer her texts u back stabbing ****". I'm just hurt. I have never had someone say such rude things to me&coming from multiple people at the same time it's really hard to handle.
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Meant to say his friend was snap chatting me, but nothing bad
My ex is acting out of control and making me question my self worth?
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