Is there anything I can do to get him back?

i like this guy and he knows it, I've told him. and he told me he likes me a lot too. so why does he talk to me all the time and make plans and such and then one day randomly start not liking me all of the sudden and talking to/liking other girls?

is there anything I can do to get him back?


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  • you would have to explain what he does to make you think he "randomly starts not liking me". guys will pull back in this way because most of us understand that if we show too much interest/ cling to you we will loose you. he's not clinging and you still want him back looks like it's working.

    • He stopped making any effort to talk to me or hang out.

    • It depends on how you received his attempts to take you out: if you turned him down a few times or he didn't feel you were interested. or possibly he felt it just wasn't right for the two of you. if you conveyed to each other that you both had feelings, then you must be close enough to contact him and casually ask him why you two don't talk/hang out anymore. hope this helps

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  • he got over you... make yourself unavailable and don't try to get him back. act like it doesn't phase you.. that's your only hope... but my bet is he's moved on permanently


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  • LET him come to you. See what happens.


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