Girls, Why would exgf text about abuse?

An ex from a year ago just texted me saying "so **** and i got into another argument, things got a little physical and he kicked me in the stomach and choked me until i almost passed out". Why would she send me this if i gavent contacted her?


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  • She wants you to come rescue her.

  • hey, if this is an honest text and a cry out for help she may feel you are the only one she can trust and reach out to that would care about her. how does this make you feel? did it make you want to respond to help her? anything said it isn't your responsibility as such but another person has involved you in their situation? what do you honestly want to say back? xx

    • It honestly makes me mad. I though about bringing it up with her family that way whether its bs or not she'll stop messaging

    • well thats a good thought you could advice her family of her disclosure for her well being if it is true and then block her from bothering you xx

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