Hey everyone who has been a 5 year plus realtiontionship that ended. Did you become depressed and bitter after?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I was the one to end it. I was fine for about a year, then the depression hit me hard for another 1.5 years... I'm just now getting over it...

    • why did you end it?

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    • So now, knowing what you know, can you stay with a damn near perfect girl if she was bad in bed?

    • If she put in the effort and try to get better without a doubt I would commit.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Was glad to get rid of her !! Been a single dad for around a year now.


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What Girls Said 3

  • I can't imagine but I've turned bitter and depressed after my family broke my heart. :( I feel your pain.

  • 8 years marriage ended.
    i needed a year to mourn. prob. took longer. 1 1/2 yr?
    that one year was very hard. its like death... well, i dont know what death is like.
    but, i had to get all the negativity out of my system.
    depressed? bitter? hard to say, probably. More angry, confused, sad. never took any meds to help me sleep.. good as new and better before, more mature now.
    its been more than 4 years. I am good now.
    my last 1 1/2 yr. relationship ended... no hard feelings. i see relationship differently now. I see it as a life experience that we go through and we learned from the positive, move on, be happy and bring that happiness to the next relationship.
    i am currently in a happier relationship. I learned to become a better communicator and appreciative.
    hope you see it this way.

  • both
    depressed that i lost my best friend
    bitter that he didn't love me as much as he said, and bitter that i spent so much of my life trying to make us work
    he left me for another girl

    • that suck your young you will find somebody for sure

What Guys Said 1

  • Depressed and bitter


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