How would all you women act in such a situation?

Ok so my ex broke up with me in a heat of the moment pissed off type deal. She said she didn't want to talk to me and was "over me". Yet she has been putting off getting her stuff back from me and has texted me for a weird excuse that seemed like just a way to start a conversation im not sure. Since then she has been very friendly and sorta playful in texts. My question to you ladies is, if you were really over a guy and just wanted to move on and werent having second thoughts or anything, how would you act right after the break up? And what do you think could be goin on in her head?


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  • If I were over a guy I will not try to text him or anything, and the girl here might be thinking about somthing, ask her!

  • ı wouldn't act like her. if it's over then it's over no need to talk


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