Ex broke up with me and I'm gutted. Advice please?

My boyfriend broke up with me 2days ago over the phone. Over the past few weeks we have hit a rocky spot. We had a few disagreements about time. I haven't been happy with the lack of time he had been spending on me. At the weekend I went to a family event with him to which his family were quite cold towards me so he turned cold on me also. They are quite snobby and judging people and have no reason to behave like this towards me. So 2days ago he broke it off with me telling me it wasn't working. I am completely gutted. He sent a message the next morning saying that he hoped I had a good day at work and a sad face. I didn't reply to this out of confusion as to why he was sending that. There's been no communication since.


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  • Obviously, you want to have time with a boyfriend. If he's so busy with (whatever), then he won't have time to spend with you in the future either. Add in, the cold shoulder you got from his family, that also comes off as snobby and judgmental. When he followed their actions toward you, he pretty much let you know you weren't his priority.

    My guess is he's been telling them things behind your back. They have their opinions, but only heard one side of the story. That's another thing that won't help in the future. You want acceptance from his family (and friends) also.

    As hurtful as this is, accept his ending of the relationship and go on. You'll find someone else who you fit better with.


What Girls Said 1

  • You need to break off from him and just move on. Ignore the text, send anything he gave you throughout this relationship back, or if he tells you to keep it: THROW IT OUT. Delete any media from social media accounts, phones, and from any electronics. Clothes and jewelry have to go. Block and delete his number afterwards. Take time for yourself. Those signs were there to let you know that your relationship is over. Time ran out. Learn from your mistakes and just move on. That is all you can do.


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