Guys, I ended it with the guy I'm seeing and he replied with "hmmmmmm" thoughts?

I texted the guy that I'm seeing explaining why I'm ending it and that I need space bc I feel like our relationship is not going anywhere. He replied with "hmmmmmmmmm" even though I told him don't bother with replying. I don't even know what that stupid word means lol. So any thoughts?


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  • Who the fuck cares? You broke up with him... over text (nice job). Move on.

  • It means... "okay, whatever you say."

  • It means he gets to leave you in confusion and thinking about him while you take your time apart.

    Clearly he achieved desired effect, because here you are wondering about what he sent. Basically you still have feelings for this mate.

    • Hahaha to be honest with you you're right but that's the reason why I'm doing it he's the type that doesn't do anything about it unless I end it and I wanna test my feelings to see if I even miss him.

    • Hahah I feel yah!! I've been there with a self centered ex before. Trying to break away to see if she'd miss me or I her while apart lol.

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