Let's finish it for once and for all, everyone HAS to answer.

hey people,

there is a huge debate going on whether GOD exists or not,whether a supreme power that controls everything exists or not.

so,lets finish this debate for once and for all.everyone please answer with valid reasons that why you believe in supreme power or not.i am in a real dilemma about this.i need helpful answers so I can decide this for myself also.

btw if you are too busy to answer then vote in the poll below.but PLEASE answer/vote so that the one's who cannot make a decision for themselves(such a me)can decide.

  • God definately exists.
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  • Its not God but some sort of energy that controls everything.
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  • There is no God nor any energy, its fate.
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  • It is US who decides everything.
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  • I don't think God exists because there is no evidence for it. Obviously, people will say you've got to have "faith" faith to blindly believe what cannot be proven or disproven, however God is supposed to be omnibeleovlant which means all loving. If God knew how much anguish this 'not knowing' brought into our lives and the suffering caused by conflicts of religions who are both convinced that they're got the right idea about God, surely this does not demonstrate an all loving being? He is allowing suffering and death to occur daily due to his ambiguity and reluctance to provide evidence for his existance. Therefore, if God exists he's a douche, and if we assume he doesn't can we all stop fighting and trying to convince others that we're right , and actually try and do some good in the world, not because of fear from divine retribution, but because it is the right thing to do. IF there is a God, and he knows that I think he's a douche, he will forgive me as he made me the way I am (get out of jail free card PLAYED). I know that fundamentally I am a good person.


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  • It's amazing anyone would suggest VOTING on people's most intimate and spiritual beliefs. Will anyone change their mind because they are in a minority on this question? Of course not.

    You may as well call for a vote on whether virginity is good.

    • Dude,I am confused wether god exists or not.i didn't put up the poll to change others beliefs.OK.

      its just to help ME decide.

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    • So what do I do?

    • Meditate; talk with someone close to you, a family member probably. Read, study. Thee' no way to tell you THE ANSWER in a few typed phrases. People have asked this since the beginning, and no one sane pretends to know THE ANSWER.

  • In my opinion, God does exist, but there is no way for anyone to understand His actions or intentions. I guess if you wanted to get really specific you could say I believed in intelligent design. There is enough scientific evidence to prove that the world developed the way science says it has, but it seems ridiculous to me that in a universe where we have yet to find evidence of other life, let alone intelligence, we manage to survive and reach a level of intelligence through random happenstance and coincidence. Scientists still haven't even figured out how things went from being a random soup of chemicals to single cell organisms reproducing and evolving.

    My biggest question about God right now is whether he is still looking out for humanity, or helped us get far enough to look after ourself and then decided to sit back and watch, or move on to other things. Looking at the world today there seems to be little enough support for His continued involvement, but like I said before, there is no way for us to understand his actions. If we are indeed talking about a being who is Omniscient and Omnipotent, as well as immortal, then He would have a view so long and goals so incredible that any action He makes would seem ridiculous to us, or he would be able to make changes that we do not see as interventions, but a natural way for events to play out.

    I would also like to say, that while I do believe in God, I do not believe in organized religion. While I do consider myself Christian, and have found some truth in Christianity, I also believe that any organization run by man claiming to have the word of God will always distort it for their own purpose. The greatest example of this is the Catholic Church which has a long, long history of extortion and misuse of power, all in the name of God. More modern examples are clerics who will selective quote interpretations of the Quran, with the purpose of teaching people that it is right to kill all who do not believe in Islam, when the most common interpretations are much different. Even the "holy" scriptures themselves were written by men. The bible was written generations after the events they describe, with the stories being passed by word of mouth. It would be almost impossible for events to be written as they happened.

    So, in conclusion, in my opinion God exists, though it is questionable whether He is still looking out for humanity, or whether He is managing things in such a way we don't know He is doing it. He may even have given prophets his messages to humanity long ago, but those messages have been long lost in the teachings of various religions, who often serve themselves more than the God they claim deference to.

    This turned out a lot longer than I intended.

    • I just have one thing to comment on. You say that we have not found evidence of life in the whole universe, and while this is true, there is no way for us to search for life in any other galaxy, but our own. Life is able to exist on earth because a certain number of conditions had to be met. The chances of that happening on two planets in the same solar system is highly unlikely. It is very possible that there is intelligent life in other solar systems in other galaxies that we haven't found yet

    • My point was not that we are the only life in the universe, just that the chance of such life developing is so astronomically low that for it to happen by chance, and not just life, but for intelligent life to occur, is ridiculous to me. To me the only way something as amazing as intelligence and self awareness could be possible would be if it were directed or created somehow. This isn't a denial of other life, or even other intelligence, just an opinion of how unlikely it is to occur by itsel

  • There may be some kind of higher power at work, whether it's some kind of being or an energy is beyond me.

    Though don't confuse the belief in God as the belief in a particular religion, religion is a human creation, not a "Godly" creation.

    • What is god?how do I differ him from religeon?

    • Believing in a higher power is to believe in an all-controlling creator and dictator, following a religion is to follow a way of life that is alleged to be the way this creator wants people to live.

      The problem with religion is that it has no solid proof that it was the way God wanted us to live, it's all speculation and it's origins are conveniently too old to validate 100%

  • God doesn't exist. Science has the answer to everything, just some of it is not yet discovered. I think its also ridiculous that is thers a universe or galaxy somewhere that looks like a hand or an eye, people call it the 'hand of god' Its the laws of physics that control our lives to an extent, but mostly its what we do.

    • I totally agree.thanks to make me feel that I am not alone to think this

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    • Ahh BUT uisnt one of the theories about the origins of life is that it arruved on earth in the form oof bacteria on a comet? Soo you point disproved. Life has existed somewhere since the dawn of time, its only us as humans with a brain advanced enough to come up with all this godly rubbish because we have no other explanation at this present time.

    • Exactly...i agree with your point.

  • There is no god and no afterlife and no mysterious energy or fate. I guess it's all up to us to decide everything, although there's probably no free will either (which is why I'm reluctant to vote D).

    Also this voting thing is rather stupid. Understanding the world is about studying it and deciding for yourself what you belief. It is not a popularity contest. Learn critical thinking, read about several religions, read the criticism others have on those, and then decide. If you want to go with the popular ones focus on Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism.

  • I just wrote this huge answer and now its gone for some reason. I'm not even gonna bother writing it again because its so complicated, but I just have to say two things.

    1. This is ridiculous that you think you can settle a debate that's been going on for thousands of years from this one question

    2. There's nothing wrong with being agnostic. For some reason people will not let themselves admit that the don't know something. No matter what we think on this subject, we are all really agnostic because no one can know for sure if there is a god or not. It is an unanswerable question. We may believe or think there is or isn't a god, but no one really knows.

  • link Bam scientific proof he is real.

  • No one can answer this question FOR you! We all have to work this out ourselves.


What Girls Said 4

  • There is a God, He loves you. If you look at it biblically, it says God is love, so if you believe in love you believe in God. That feeling of love is God. That thing that protects you when you have gotten yourself in dangerous situations, that is God. Look inside your heart, it's a personal decision, don't take it lightly. I would recommend trying a prayer that God show himself to you in your life and He will answer. It never hurts to try.

    • Thanks alot.i do definately believe in love.i really like your answer.and yeah I'll try praying.it sure won't hurt.

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    • Then why do we beleive in God?he isn't doing any good to us. if WE do bad things ourselves then what does he do? the good things? no.if we are the one's who are the culprits of the bad things then how can HE be the one to do JUST the good things?

      if so then it means that every sad thing happening in our life is because of us and all the happy/nice things are because of him.

    • Why believe in him? Because as I stated earlier, God is love. Love is kind, love is forgiving, and love is unconditional. Love is not easy, but it is what we all search for. Love has consequences but not caused by love. It's in your heart, you will find your answer.

  • There may and there may not be. I don't believe anyone truly knows for sure. You'll get people who all say "yes, there definitely is a God!" and people who will say "No, there isn't one". You can't really determine who's right and who's wrong though, in the end. It's something you have to decide to believe in on your own. Personally, I'm neutral on the whole thing. I think it's a bit presumptuous to say that there absolutely is a God or there definitely isn't one, though I still think that people should be free to believe what they want to, so long as they don't force their beliefs onto other people.

    • Yeah you are right.i guess I should be neutral.

  • I can't believe in a god that's been poisoned into something that apparently can't love /everyone/.

    And I honestly don't know if I believe in a higher power, I suppose there could be one out there but I could never believe in a religious god, because it would appear that many of them have been poisoned one way or another. :/

    I believe in my own higher powers I suppose. xD

    There could be, there might not be, which is - lolz- why it's called believing, I suppose. Why do you /need/ to find out? You do or you don't, or you're like me where it's a passing thought of "Maybe not, maybe so."


  • No one can decide your religion for you. Your close friends and mostly your family will be your guide on this, not we strangers in cyberspace!


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