Do any other guys have this problem with their chest?

it seems like my right pectoral muscle is larger than my left. I always thought guys have perfectly symmetrical pecs while women tend to have breast sizes that are of different sizes. how many other guys out there have this same problem? are there any ways to correct this so that they are perfectly equal?. also how do girls feel about guys that has pecs that are not perfectly symmetrical. is it unattractive even if the guy takes care of his body?


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  • That depends on what you are talking about.

    If you are talking about different size or different positioning.

    Different size is not uncommon. If you are right handed you usually have larger biceps and larger pecs on you right side. Simply because you use it more often. An easy way to correct this is to hit the gym and focus more on your left side of your body to even things out...

  • I don't have that problem with my pecks, but I have a little more muscle mass on my left arm than my right if that makes you feel better.


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