My ex texted me but I can't understand him help?


My ex texted me yesterday, after giving signs during the no contact period. I feel sad bc I was considering to have a longer conversation with him, but it didn't happen, I didn't want to sound so happy or something because I loved him so much but we broke up due to arguments we have been having lately in our relationship, he loved me as well but he said he couldn't keep going in our relationship. Few days later i asked him for a second chance but he didn't want saying he needs a break and that we might meet in better circumstances and everything gonna be fine. So I tried to give him some space to think and we stopped talking for about 2 months, and during this period, he was giving me signs like liking my pictures, posting sad quotes and he finally talked to me yesterday, here's the convo, was I rude with him? Or he will never talk to me again? What do you guys think? Does he still want me? Please help, here is the convo:
Him: well i hope ur fine i think nothing can stop me to know how my friend is
me: hey im fine wbu?
him: im doing great thanks
me: cool
him: thanks
me: for what
him: everything
me: maybe for something not everything
him: mm philosophy
me: yes
him: well i just wanted to ask how are u, bc its a little bit hard to stay quiet with someone who was that close
me: no its weird but thank you
him: im sorry, thank u too
me: for what again?
him: nevermind
me: okey then
( He was online but he didn't want to see my message, so I sent him another message saying " So you think this convo broke the silence?"
then he replied: I dont know, i have nothing to say
me: i see
him: goodnight
after that, I didn't replied but was stayed online even though he told me goodnight. Was I rude with him? I didn't want to sound that easy bc he dumped me. Does he want me back? Why did he talk that way to me? He could be more friendly as he used to when we were dating
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This really confuses me, that I blame myself sommaires. Help me with your opinions, thanks
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My ex texted me but I can't understand him help?
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