My ex texted me but I can't understand him help?

My ex texted me yesterday, after giving signs during the no contact period. I feel sad bc I was considering to have a longer conversation with him, but it didn't happen, I didn't want to sound so happy or something because I loved him so much but we broke up due to arguments we have been having lately in our relationship, he loved me as well but he said he couldn't keep going in our relationship. Few days later i asked him for a second chance but he didn't want saying he needs a break and that we might meet in better circumstances and everything gonna be fine. So I tried to give him some space to think and we stopped talking for about 2 months, and during this period, he was giving me signs like liking my pictures, posting sad quotes and he finally talked to me yesterday, here's the convo, was I rude with him? Or he will never talk to me again? What do you guys think? Does he still want me? Please help, here is the convo:
Him: well i hope ur fine i think nothing can stop me to know how my friend is
me: hey im fine wbu?
him: im doing great thanks
me: cool
him: thanks
me: for what
him: everything
me: maybe for something not everything
him: mm philosophy
me: yes
him: well i just wanted to ask how are u, bc its a little bit hard to stay quiet with someone who was that close
me: no its weird but thank you
him: im sorry, thank u too
me: for what again?
him: nevermind
me: okey then
( He was online but he didn't want to see my message, so I sent him another message saying " So you think this convo broke the silence?"
then he replied: I dont know, i have nothing to say
me: i see
him: goodnight
after that, I didn't replied but was stayed online even though he told me goodnight. Was I rude with him? I didn't want to sound that easy bc he dumped me. Does he want me back? Why did he talk that way to me? He could be more friendly as he used to when we were dating
This really confuses me, that I blame myself sommaires. Help me with your opinions, thanks
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  • It's understandable that you'll feel confused and guarded because he ended it , didn't want contact , but all of a sudden he's reaching out to you.

    I don't think you were rude, but I would assume he's taken offence a little. He probably expected you to be overjoyed at him initiating contact. It's naive of him to assume that though considering you wanted a second chance , but he rejected you

    Don't be too harsh on yourself. He knew how you felt but he still cut contact. It's now up to him to make things right if he still want you to be part of his life. He's obviously been thinking about you or he wouldn't have bothered messaging you. 💗


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  • Based on what I've read , I can see that he's not someone that likes you as much as you do. I don't think you should contact him ever again and you should try to forget him. Don't focus on this one person, you've still a very long life time to meet a lot guys and find the right person.
    In short, I advise you to find someone else and not focus on one person; life isn't that long.

    • Hi there! could you please help her with this question?


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    • (Oops, I really dropped the ball on this one, and now the question is closed!)
      @Pinky26 , you totally weren't rude, but I guess everyone is right that he wants to be friends right now. It's time to look after you - pamper yourself! Get hugs! Yell! Sing outrageously heartrending songs in the shower! Have a piece of chocolate, stat! Do stuff that hugs your soul! Once you're happy again it'll be so attractive he'll be kicking himself that he let you go - but I bet you'll have plenty of other guys after you by then! You sound like a total sweetheart ♡

    • @tightblackjeans oh big thaanks to you, I really appreciate all of the advices you gave me and I think you guys are totally right! Million thanks💗

  • i´d say don´t depend on this guy. you broke up and he can´t make up his mind what he wants. try to move on. maybe you´ll find back together later but don´t make it your only hope. start looking for alternatives.

  • You weren't rude a bit don't worry about it. I recommend to move on. If he loves you as you love him. He wouldn't ever break up or refuse second chance. It will be hard to forget him for sure. But life isn't good to us sometimes.


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  • @LEIGHX Good morning, was OFF Last nite but On the job early this morning, dear.
    @Pinky26, although when Two people Break Up and then Make Up and even Become "Civil," maybe even Texting and Talking. It could go a few Ways these Days.
    You both either Become Friends to the ends or perhaps even Friends with Benefits, where he still Feels he can be Free and have his Sweet cake and Still have it Two with being with his Free Flying rights and being with you. Freedom, in other words.
    Yes, it can also mean he will be Back on Board but in Order for This to Happen, I would Have to See more Sure Signs on his Own Part and more... In his own Heart.
    Go slow Here, dear, and no Chasing, let come Back on his own Will. However, Don't Take any of his own "Fill,' where he Mistakes your Kindness for Weepy Weakness. You stand your Ground and be on your Girl Guard with him.
    The ball is now in your Court Yard for Courtship.
    Good luck. xx

    • @Pink26, thank you for the Like and the Update, Gag didn't catch this as Quick as you. xxoo

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    • Exactly @Paris13😘

    • HUGS, @Pink26 xx

  • Dear, do not blame yourself.

    It seems as if he is having second thoughts with breaking up with you but he is uncertain whether or not he wants you back in his life or not. But if I were you, I wouldn't think too much about the fact that he initiated contact.

    Focus on yourself, improving and bettering you. At this point, you are still young and you will meet a lot of boys who are confused. Be with someone who KNOWS for surely that he likes you.. You deserve to be treated like a queen.

  • Seems obvious to me and even some movies have used this plot to serve in romantic ways, even romantic comedies.
    He broke up because he didn't want to get too serious and hurt you, while I'm suspicious he was tempted by another gal that needed an audition, else never to be sure he's on track to find The One.
    Suspect either his "reflection in the desert" or the audition is over/near over... thus he misses you/your good times so needs to reach out to insure you're still there, a safety net while he's still not ready to come back to nest.

    Ergo, something's missing in this relationship he feels, enough so you'd better move on! Ironically WHEN you couple with another, he'll either wish to seduce you into that past relationship with him or give up with overt regrets. Just because you don't see the missing puzzle piece, it's enough HE DOES and forgetaboutit. Too many The Ones FIT your life enthusiastically, so why settle & pine for such a problem child of unfulfillment, even unhappiness? He also deserves some that FITS from day one.

    RUDE? YOU? Don't make me laugh so hard. A-OK is your agrade and gals entitled would have skinned him proper.

  • Hmm breaking up is never easy, he clearly wants to be friends with you, and I think you weren't rude at all. It Looks like perhaps he was feeling a little awkward about contacting perhaps having second thoughts that it was a good idea... he said this

    him: well i just wanted to ask how are u, bc its a little bit hard to stay quiet with someone who was that close

    and he said this

    then he replied: I dont know, i have nothing to say.

    It doesn't scream that he wants to get back with you. It sounds like he's awkward with it, I think you should leave it... as it has been.

    If He wants to contact you he knows where you are, you moving on would be a better use of your time than worrying about the ponderings of someone who split up with you.

    Good Luck :)

    • At some point, I felt that he was kind of regretting what he did (that he broke up with me)

    • He Started the conversation with "my friend"... let him initiate the contact, but really... don't hold your life, get with it and meet others.

      If you're meant to be then it will happen another time, go and see what other guys are out there.

    • I agree with you, thank you so much for your help💗

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