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Hey there! So I broke up with my boyfriend of almost a year at the beginning of June and through pictures I realized that he started dating a new girl one week after we broke up. They have been together for 4 months. I had asked him if we could try again a week after I dumped him, and he said no because we were too different and it would just never work out.
It now feels like our entire relationship was just him lying to me that he loved me. We talked marriage, kids, moving in together. All of it. I just would like opinions. I'm having a ridiculously hard time getting over him. I've deleted him and his family off all social media, I've tried to date new guys. took time and "wallowed" but nothing seems to work. Im so angry and hurt, but still very much in love with him. I would just like advice, opinions, etc.


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  • Don't worry, you did the right thing, but your jealousy makes you think you made the wrong decision. never regret about your decision or blame yourself for what happened.

    you may think you can't survive without a person by your side, but tell you what, it’s all in your head... heal your heart with hope and forgiveness and be single for a while... I'm sure you don't want to give the bad guys an invitation to ruin your life.

    no relationship will ever be a waste of your time. It will help you evolve, help you grow into a wiser person.

    Good luck...


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  • The blocking is a must... good job... wallowing is okay to a point, and dating is OK if you are ready. Take some time for you, pick up a new hobby, take a trip, or get in touch with an old friend. I don't want to sound cliché, but in time it will get better... thank yourself for the opportunity to love the man you thought he was, remember the good memories, and smile for the life lesson... In time you will find the one who won't see someone else while they are seeing you too... best of luck


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  • You need time. It's not what you want to hear, but it's the truth. If you don't give yourself proper time to grieve and get over it, you're just going to be hitting "replay" every time. Try new things, go new places, and talk to new people. It won't help right away, but it will in the long run, trust me.

  • Go find some dick. Seriously. I don't know why people get in this moral debate about how bad rebounds are. Getting laid was the best medicine for me after my breakup.


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