How to handle being ignored?

Someone I used to date is ignoring me yet listening to what I'm saying. I've tried to finish something nicely with someone I was seeing who we have mutal friends. He's given my stuff back and I wished him well saying I don't want things to be awkward with our friends and I wish him all the best, and still he ignores me yet says he can't go out with our mutual friends because of me. I've given him money when he was low and was basically his therapist I finished things as he wasn't over his ex. And he tells people he's going out with girls where I'm going and people say it's because he wants me to know. We've such close friends in common I just don't want him to act like I'm a dick when I've done nothing wrong


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  • sometimes you have to stop being nice with some people.
    I know you're trying to be a good person, but some people may use your kindness against you... you have to know the difference between who deserve your kindness and who's not.
    he's ignoring you because you gave him too much attention... while you should ignore him... just stop chasing the wrong people and kick the negative people out your life.

    the sun won't stop rising for anyone... so don't stop your life for him.
    go out with your mutual friends and have fun and forget about his thoughts.

    and don't forget, ask him to give your money back... I'm sure you needed it more than him or at least someday you gonna need it.

    Good luck...


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  • just love yourself girl.. just love yourself.. never think that you are ignored.. think that he was not appropriate for you..

  • There's nothing to do.


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