Girls only - is she acting suspicious?

OK so I've been with my girl for a year and a half she's went a whole 7 months wile I was deployed to Iraq not screwing anybody behind my back an I got proof. we talk of getting married and making babies and she loves the idea and says she couldn't picture any one else as the father... any ways my problem lies here... some asshole at work kept hitting on her so on so on till she would curse this guy out an make him feel bad she told me shed never talk to him again then I herd that she was talking with him (flirting) she told me shed never do it again...Then one night when we were having sex and she ran off to the bathroom to clean out my kids:) I noticed she was flirting with this same guy saying that they would hang out when I brought it up to her she told me she just missed me an needed a guy to talk to when I wasn't around. she told me how much she loves me and would never touch this guy she said it was all just conversation...should I watch this with an eagle eye or what ?what should I do?


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  • Yes, she's acting suspicious.


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