Ex can't even hold eye contact with me. It's been several months.

I love him still. And when he left me I was devastated. For the longest time I was holding onto him as he moved on. (He said he didn't love me anymore and ended our 18 months relationship).

I went through all the phases of a break up, it was really tough, I cried... a lot. Now, I think I am finally to the point where I accept we are never getting back together and there are other guys out there.

When I see him I will smile or say hey. He's not a bad guy. and I try to treat him like any other person.

Is it weird that he can barely look at me? He always looks away really quickly and will say hello but that's it.

I just think that, if anything, it should me that feels more awkward since my heart is the one that was broken. Plus, it's been almost 8 months.



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  • Don't get back with him, no matter what.


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