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My girlfriend of over 2 years broke up with me almost 2 weeks ago. I desperately want her back, but know that I have a lot to offer and that I was a great boyfriend so I refuse to grovel for her to come back. I treated her right and everything was going perfect, she just decided that she wanted time to grow on her own since we started dating young. I was maintaining no contact, but I learned know from mutual friends that she missed me. I asked her if she wanted to go talk a few days ago and she said she wasn't okay with that yet. she has yet to change her profile picture from a picture of us together on a beach vacation. i am planning on giving it time and if I meet someone else I like I won't wait for her, but should I do anything different?


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  • Nice mindset. I'd say you're on the right track for not getting her back again. What has been rightfully lost shouldn't be brought back.
    Do the same. Grow on your own as well.
    Forget about her as she intended to drift away from you. It was her choice, her decision, her discretion, and her own will.


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  • Holy shit dude, we're literally in the same exact boat, my ex broke it off 2 weeks ago as well. Only difference is that I tried to get her back and only made things worse. I did my grieving and have started moving on. The older you get, the easier it becomes due to past experiences. I really loved this girl and honestly wanted to marry her (we were together for a year, thought I'd pop the question if it was still going very well for another year).
    The one thing I've learned through all of this is that if you really did do your best to do good by her and you made her happy and that wasn't enough then it really isn't you. She's just not the one and you deserve a girl that makes you her priority in life, never settle for anything less. If she really did love you, she would never have left you. Who knows, she might come back she might not, the point is don't get hung up on a girl that isn't sure what she wants. If she ever comes back into your life and is sure about what she wants then maybe you can consider taking her back. That's important, she should be the one trying to get you back since she broke up with you, she owes it to you and if she doesn't try it's only more evident that she hasn't made you a priority in her life and you don't deserve that.
    Do whatever you feel you need to do to get closure that the relationship is over and accept it. Move on from this girl, your time and energy should never be spent on someone who's not willing to soend it on you. As for the fb profile thing, my ex still has us as her profile pic as well and I even asked her to take it down but she refused because she likes it. It means nothing, she's just doing her own thing trying to get over you just like you're doing your own thing trying to get over her. Best advice I can give you is go out and meet new girls asap, it helps so much.
    Obviously I still love my ex and would love to still be with her just like you wish the same. However, you've seem to forgotten that there's MILLIONS of girls out there, MILLIONS. In those millions of girls you'll find one that makes you her priority so start looking. I already have two dates lined up for the next week and a half. I have one tonight and the girl is drop dead gorgeous, I actually feel happy and excited for the first time since the breakup. Life is too short to cry about what ifs and people who are not there for you. One day you'll find a girl that won't give you any of the bs that your ex has given you and she'll be the one.

    • if you need to talk it out and need someone to listen, feel free to pm me :)

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    • Yea I know how much it hurts, she was the first girl I ever deeply fell in love with as well, it's the worst feeling in the world, literally feels like someone took a giant shit inside you. You can't sleep, you can't eat, you can't shit, you don't want to do anything. It's fine to feel that way, it just means that you really loved her. Everyone feels the same after a breakup with someone they really loved and it comes and goes even months and sometimes years later (depending on the relationship). Just keep living your life and keep busy, eventually you'll think about her less and less and you'll burry her deep inside where it doesn't hurt you anymore. Take it as a learning experience, she's your summer. I highly recommend watching 500 days of summer because it's such a real movie and not some bs like most breakup/romance movies. Your autumn is out there and you have all the tools and skills to find and get her, you should be happy about that.

    • thanks man, I will give it a watch

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  • Live hang out with friends
    Let go of her
    If she wants to be with u she will find u
    Don't wait
    Don't hop on another
    Just give it 3 months
    No contact
    Well just love u let go


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  • No you're doing fine and I also commend you for not groveling. I think you should consider posting some of your own photos and updates showing that you're having fun. Make sure it's nothing out of the ordinary so that it doesn't look questionable, but let her know that your life is moving on so it's up to her if she wants to be a part of that.

  • If she's trying to grow on her own then you do the exact same thing. and if u meet someone else along the way then oh well. she's the one who wanted to grow on her own and if she misses her chance with u then thats her own fault.


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