My boyfriend dumped me a week ago, but he hasn't told his 8 year old son?

We dated for 2 years, he broke it off rather suddenly last weekend after a fight. A mutual friend says he hasn't told his son yet. could this mean he still might want to reconcile?
He refuses to talk to me however. :-(


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  • No he probably doesn't want to confuse his son... I broke up with my boyfriend.. my son is 8... and a break up is a negative thing for a very young child to know about.. children only want to hear happy things.. my son is so sensitive.. I have been sad for the 3 days... he noticed it... he wants me to focus on being happy... don't worry about his son... ur not married so the parent is responsible for protecting his child's fragile sensitive young mind... no contact means it's officially over... let go and move on... it takes time I know.. but keep busy... hang out with ur friends.. understand u were not a match for him

    • I also have a child too a 12 yr old daughter. She knows what's going on. she's very distraught about it as she was attached to them.
      I don't know if its over, but i love that boy like my own... so its devsitating for us both.

    • Well u have to live
      You need to be happy
      Do whatever u can to be busy
      Go to church
      But u have to accept u need to move on
      It's a week no contact
      U still have work and school
      Maybe go for counseling both of you
      But u still have live for each day
      Focus on the positive of each day
      U need to talk to family members to get both of ur feelings out
      Seek help
      Healing and positive is important to focus on

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