How to get your guy back?

Cruel rumors and a large misunderstanding ended our relationship. Now I want him back...whats the best way? Thanks! :-)

  • Silent treatment
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  • Rude in your face
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  • Act regular
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  • Flirt with other guys (jealousy)
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  • none of the options are good

    • You can always give me your opinion.....

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    • Really he hate you to the point where you can't say " hey how you doing?" him: "good" you: "Can I take you to [fill in the blank] and talk for a minute?" Bam! There you go... Even if he does throw a hurdle at you, jump it. I hope you understand that picture. :)

    • Haha ok thanks :-) But ya, he hates me to the point where he treats me liek a disease. He won't come anywhere near me. But I don't know if he is flirting or actually mad?? And his girlfriend gets mad at both me and him when we talk so....

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  • Don't bother. The way I see it is this... if the person would rather believe some rumor than you then they obviously do not trust you. If they didn't show you respect by confronting you, then that's another strike against them.

    Honestly, sounds like they don't deserve you. There are better people out there who will respect you and trust you no matter what. They didn't stick by you with this petty thing, do you feel they will stick by you for better or worse, richer or poorer, etc. Sure people mature and become better people but usually you find out how a person really is when the relationship ends.

  • Need more context to the situation.

    • Hum like what?

    • What the seriousness of the rumors were, why you believed them, how your ex-bf reacted to the break-up, how long it's been since the break-up, how you acted when you were broke up with him. All of these are important factors to consider when analyzing a situation.

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