Is he just really good at hiding his feelings or he dosnt really care?

We've been together for almost 2 years. We had amazing time together, we have a lot of common like humour, ambitions, ideas etc... We parted our ways mainly because of distance and also because he didn't have much free time to dedicate for us. I initiated the breakup and realized that it was a mistake immediately. I tried several times to apologize but he acted like nothing really happened and I shouldn't be worried, it's nothing. He never initiated any contact himself since then and ignores me most of the time. I really love and miss him and i'd like to apologize properly but he never let me do that!


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  • Whatever the case may be, you don't need to apologize. You broke up with him for a reason and I'm sure he knew it was coming. Stop holding on to that excuse. His silence is an answer to you to stop chasing him.

  • doesn't really care


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