Forget an ex?

if you're a guy and you dated a girl for about two and a half years, do you think you would just forget about her, even if you were dating other girls?! I just feel like my ex has forgotten me..he's come back to me twice in the three months we've been broken up, but we haven't talked for a month now. I'm two hours away as well...


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  • HES a right nob don't you think if you want ill take his head of with my golf club that's if that is needed or ill get my m8 to kill him with his 22 inch **** he will shuv it so far down his throat it will be poping out his bumhole and your like 20 somthing so in the end its up to you

    btw. do you like eating **** ?

  • no yu shouldnt forget bout him but den it depends if yu love him or not yu kno but if yu don't it will be easy to foget and if yu really have feelings for this guy you need to work this out cus everybody makes mistakes


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