I read a lot about NO contact and , get your ex back. Do these programs work?

as title , I've been seeing tons of NC. Or how to win your ex back ploys. Can anyone tell me if this stuff works? Do y'all believe in it? Any of you tried it? Let me know.


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  • Yeah, I didn't do it intentionally but my ex and I had tried to stay friends because we had been together for 7 years and we wanted to try and make it easier on ourselves so we wouldn't miss each other. I broke up with him but then changed my mind and he wouldn't take me back and after moving out he started seeing someone new. This devastated me. I went on a trip and let him use my car while I was away. I called him late at night and the girl answered. I told him I loved him and asked if he loved me. He said I don't know. When I hung up I knew I had to let him go for my own sanity. So when I got back from my trip I went to his apartment to pick up my car and I did not even bother to go in and talk to him or to get the second set of keys back. I did everything in my power to keep myself from calling him. I had found his passport which would have been a good excuse to call but I made the decision that no, if he wants it he can get it himself. A couple weeks later he called me and I asked him "what do you want?" And he said "I think I'm still in love with you" and we've been back together ever since.


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  • The point of no contact is to move on with your life without them in it. Once your ex see's this they'll come back but by then you'll have moved on.
    This stuff definitely works. I got over my ex that I was head over heels in love with by no contact and I'm much happier with someone else now.


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  • Well I've got an ex-crush. When I walked away, she started stalking me.
    She eventually stopped and... I still haven't spoken to her. In fact she's blocked and will remain so for many years to come.

    I'd say it works. Leave it too long and they'll give up, but for me that's exactly what I wanted her to do. :)

  • No they dont

  • Just move u don't need anyone.


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