I don't know. What's wrong?

We will start here with the grammer it is my phone but here we go I got out of a long term relationship with a women I loved more then anything in the world thought she was my for ever I am only 26 ya I know silly But yea she had two kids from realationships before they wer young. Got together. Had one together Years went bye and I just couldn't deal with the lying and cheating and all the games all I wanted from her was to be faithful and stop but it was impossible and took her back. more times then I want to admit did it cause I loved the kids and her just so much but over for a while now still hurts from time to time. But anyways took some time just for me and my son just focusing. On that getting a new place for us and back on my feet left her the house everything. But started. dating again meeting people and just not clicking. got. With this one women great we get along great all that I let her meet my son. They get along great and happy figure. Great finally. For once I am at peace let my guard. Down I ask her so what are we like what's going on and she goes with. I'm not ready for commitment totally. Yet all that tells me she's been seeing someone els also tried to let it go but I couldn't so I called her on it what's point of seeing me spending time together going todo tbis that stay here spend nights together. Bring my son into it if your not ready for it why tell me you got love and feeling for me and him and want this but you realy don't is it just. About the money cause you have no problem asking me for something. Or me working 16 hour days or more and just get no thanks or greatful like house isn't free cloths food everything Just don't get it I am not perfect but I do my best work my ass off At my job be. Best father I have him 70 percent of the time be best man and partner I can but end of the day nothing is every good enough always just leave why
I don't know. What's wrong?
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