I miss my ex very much. I want him back.

I miss my ex very much. I want him back. we dated for 2 years and had a bad break up. I want to be back with him. it has only been about 3 months. what should I do? any opinions at all? should I wait a few more months to contact him? because I don't believe he will call me ;( please please help. I also, don't want him to think I am desperate...i have been dating and just can't get past how good I had it and he thought I wasn't happy. it really was all my fault ...please help


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  • it really depends on you to fix things if you broke it..i want my x back was with her 2ys and split now for 4months and was all her fault she cheated twice,and we still have some contact but its not my place to fix things surely that stands with her to win me back..show me she has changed and wants what we had back..


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  • Well naturally you'll miss him, you guys were together for a long time and had a bad break up. But unless you broke his heart and the break up was your fault, then let him call you first. If he doesn't, then that will show a lot, and it will show where you rank with him.

    • He broke it off but I broke his heart. hard to explain but I wouldn't blame him for not calling me

    • Well if you really feel like the break up had a lot to do with you, then you should try to fix it. But you really need to determine if that what you want to do. If so, start small, like messaging him online or texting him; just to see if he's open for conversation. I doubt that he's lost all feelings for you, I'm sure you can rekindle the flame :)

    • Thank you sooooooo much!!!!!!!!!! :)

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