Ex Girlfriend is attention seeking, parties, drinks and acts like a total different person after 3 years?

My ex girlfriend and I dated for 3 years. I am currently a college soph. And she is a highschool senior. Eachothers first for everything. Really loved eachother, for the right reasons. Never really any huge fights. When we started dating I got her out of this partying she was doing quite often. This last half year we Barely kissed, hugged, anything. I started to become a little over protective of her because of it, all her friends wanted to do was party and bring her. We were both unhappy but still loved eachother. Sat down and talked, and it was kind of a mutual breakup, mostly her. (We took a two week break before that) Although we hugged and kissed after the breakup that night before I left. She still loved me but not that same love we had. She said she didn't want anyone else. Just wants a chance to do stuff on her own before college. The breakup wasn't messy/agreed to be friends.
Now, she's a completely different girl. She acted so cold when we met up at talked a few weeks ago. Goes and parties almost every weekend with her "friends". They are going to Fraternity parties as high-schoolers including some Halloween dance party at a frat house. Very active on social media all the time. Dressing slutty of course to the parties and posting some of it. Really a attention seeker rather than that "good girl" she was. Been N/C for over two weeks now, haven't heard anything.
Why do some girls do this? Maybe just a stage of the breakup that won't last forever? I know I kept her from a lot of partying, but it kept her out of trouble with her friends, although I didn't care if she hung out with them, but worried more when they "had" to drink just to have fun. Her friends aren't anywhere close as smart as she is. I never fully trusted her to drink a lot unless one of her sisters was there. Hate seeing her acting like this, and I know this isn't really her. She said we would see eachother around. I know the frat guys just want her for the wrong reasons. Thanks.


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  • Hun to be honest I've been there. And she's either doing it for attention. Or because she's using drink to block things out


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  • I hate to be honest here, but you sound more like a Dad instead of a boyfriend. Sounds like you care a lot about her safety and reputation. Some girls have a lot of pent up frustration inside, especially at that age, where they want to be wild and free. The best thing to do is try to forget about her by meeting new people that are into the same things you are. Don't wait for her to come back, explore new things and move on. It will get easier as time goes on.


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