Should I show her I miss her, or move on?

My girlfriend and I just broke up for the second time after getting back together. It was such a weird sequence of events. Friday night we're talking and she's talking about how much she loves me, etc. Saturday morning we're talking laughing, she's sending me memes, etc.

Saturday afternoon she asks me about what I'm doing with my friends that night, who's going, where I'm going, then an hour after that she randomly tells me we should talk tomorrow because she's not sure how she feels about everything. Then an hour later she abruptly says she thinks we should end it.

Anyways to my question, she has been viewing my snap stories almost immediately after posting them. Whereas I usually won't look at hers at all or if I do I'll do it a long time after they're posted. I don't want to not look at them and make it seem like I don't miss her, because I do. But I also don't want to have me looking at them make her feel like she has the upper hand because I miss her a lot.

Such a ridiculous question but hey, these are the times we live in. Stupid little social media things can really show how you feel about someone. Please help!

Note: We haven't talked at all in over two weeks.
Should I show her I miss her, or move on?
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