Should I see her during no contact rule?


Hey everyone,

This is my 2nd week during the no contact rule. I am actually feeling much better and I have been going to the gym everyday which I can start to feel the difference in my body/confidence.

As I previously mentioned in my last question, my ex and I attend to different boarding school and we decided to "break up" - or we drifted apart few weeks ago because we are senior in high school and she was not ready for relationship/she is extremely busy...

So far, I do not know whether the NC is working or not but:
1. I've posted more than 10 snapstory and she saw every one of them - So it cannot be 'accident'
2. I have completely stopped contacting her - and should I not watch my ex's snapstory too?
3. Right after I posted a snapstory of a dog, she posted a dog snapstory immediately
4. My grades are boosting like a rocket lol

The problem is that there is an activity night where I can visit her school this Saturday. I was planning to keep the NC until January or March ( Where all of college app is done) but should I meet her?
I mean this is 100% not guaranteed to work and I feel this is not the time to do it.

I really want to know what other people feel and if there is any question, I will try my best to answer it.


Should I see her during no contact rule?
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