Should I see her during no contact rule?

Hey everyone,

This is my 2nd week during the no contact rule. I am actually feeling much better and I have been going to the gym everyday which I can start to feel the difference in my body/confidence.

As I previously mentioned in my last question, my ex and I attend to different boarding school and we decided to "break up" - or we drifted apart few weeks ago because we are senior in high school and she was not ready for relationship/she is extremely busy...

So far, I do not know whether the NC is working or not but:
1. I've posted more than 10 snapstory and she saw every one of them - So it cannot be 'accident'
2. I have completely stopped contacting her - and should I not watch my ex's snapstory too?
3. Right after I posted a snapstory of a dog, she posted a dog snapstory immediately
4. My grades are boosting like a rocket lol

The problem is that there is an activity night where I can visit her school this Saturday. I was planning to keep the NC until January or March ( Where all of college app is done) but should I meet her?
I mean this is 100% not guaranteed to work and I feel this is not the time to do it.

I really want to know what other people feel and if there is any question, I will try my best to answer it.



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  • A true No Contact is stopping all Social Media, all phone, all communications in general. You actually block them from all social media, take them off all email lists, and take their number from your phone. The point of No Contact is generally so that you can have a period to either move on, or at least to take your own life and work out whatever has caused the split. Looking at their life story in pictures only makes you still feel and wonder... getting over her you will not unless you take her completely off your radar- best of luck

    • Thank you miamigirl,

      I have been checking her for the last few days but I realized I really cannot do anything - You gave me a strong impact of deciding me to completely ignore her. I will just keep on working out, do my work and see what happens!

      By the way, how long should I continue this NC for my situation?

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    • Wow...

      Your story was unbelievable and definitely was a tough one..
      I am definitely not trying to rude, but I kinda understood what you are talking about...
      Even though people love each other, many factors prevent love to nourish and to happen. For me, I think it is the distance and also the age. (Where we start to get mature and move on)

      I am so glad that you reached your hand for me, now I feel much better and I know what to do to fulfill my life.

      I will keep the no contact and I will make the final decision in January... It is still an early stage for me still to decide right now. (I still have little bit of feeling of hesitation, because we actually had a great 6 months relationship.)

      But, thank you so much for sharing your experience for me and I will promise I will make the best decision for myself.

      I will definitely get in touch with you if anything happens...
      Thank you and best of luck to you!

    • I wish you the best of luck. Life is not an easy road sometimes, it can be full of hard choices... love doesn't always prevail, but we all do the best we can on this journey of life... here is one short My Take, that will maybe have you see me in just a different light, but I for sure have the life experience that I feel I can help others see what might be best... https://www. girlsaskguys. com/entertainment-arts/a32294-altered-life-plans-never-give-up-always-have-plan-b

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  • So... your grades are skyrocketing and so is your physical shape and confidence ever since you guys "split". Maybe that's your sign. I'd keep going my own way and focus on improving myself... not worrying too much about other things.

    • Hey CristopherC,
      Thank you very much for answering. I really feel this is the time where I can really shape myself and become a better of 'me'.
      Yes, absolutely I will keep on doing the same thing and not thinking about her!
      Again, thank you!

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