Should I text my ex?

We dated for about two years and broke up in January 2014. Throughout the years we've been in contact with each other; periodically texting, hung out twice, and he still favourites my tweets. He asked me to go to a party in the summer, I showed up and he never talked to me, then got back together with his ex. I've been with other guys, nothing serious, while he's had an on-off relationship with this girl. They've been broken up for about two months now and he seems upset. I recently ended things with the guy I've been seeing and I'm hurt too. My ex has been favouriting my tweets recently. I miss him still after all this time and I think about him all the time. Is it a bad idea to text him to see how he is?
His ex is an new relationship


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  • probably a bad idea. Think back to when you broke up, chances are the same reason, or underlying reason, is still there. Plus if he's on-again off-again with a girl you run the risk of being a rebound, or getting in the middle of drama. Also favouriting your tweets really means nothin. If he asked you to go to a party then didn't talk to you that just shows he's immature, which will always be a struggle you'd have if you dated him again however you try to rationalise it.

  • No. Nothing is wrong with visiting the past. It kinda just depends on what he did and if you think in your mind that he deserves another chance. Be casual.

    • Oh. Then don't bother unless he's single. Its not worth the hassle. You may love him and even I have felt this way before but if you guys are meant to be then it will be just not at the moment

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